Scott and Noel have obviously done their homework in identifying research and real life examples to support this paradigm shift for Child Welfare Critical Incident Reviews. This is a great opportunity for Child Welfare Leaders to change the conversation about the complex work that we do, and counter the negative messages that have crept into our culture through the media and other voices, over the past decade or more. This training was enhanced by the passion and skill demonstrated by both Scott and Noel, and their ability to engage an audience. Thank you both for the work you are doing!!

Scott and Noel are fantastic presenters.  It's obvious how committed you are to this curriculum and helping organizations not only respond better when crises hit, but implement sustainable process improvements to reduce risk of future incidents.  Your tremendous expertise, ability to engage participants, and clever humor were all very appreciated!

The energy was great. I love that we are finally moving in a positive direction with critical incident reviews!

Very informative and useful information. The transformation from punitive to positive will be greatly received Statewide.

I believe that the shift in thinking will have a very positive impact on the field and them feeling supported by upper management.

I love the Direction that the Department is going with changing from "old views" to a new way. I think it will be a positive impact for all involved.  Thank you!

I am so excited to see our Agency become an amazing learning environment...great things are on the horizon.

Your passion and expertise are exceptional and I believe we all feel that we can be successful under your guidance and support.

The presenters were top notch in their presentation. They know their work, had plenty of examples that were applicable, and added laughter-bonus!

This way of thinking makes more sense than our previous way of thinking, and will likely bring about positive change to our practice and employee morale.

I am with the courts. I believe there is an added benefit to including stakeholders outside of the agency in this conversation.  I found myself looking at ways this type of training could be helpful to Judges and court staff, especially those staff who work directly with clients.

I feel a sense of hope for where we are going as an agency, but also as individuals. This is something that has been a struggle to find sought after for quite some time. Thank you for providing a sense of validation and direction not only to those of us in a leadership role, but to those of us who have come from the field into these roles.

Truly this was a great training and I feel really hopeful about what's to come.

Scott and Noel were knowledgeable, personable and respectful of the place each participant started with these concepts. Applying safety science concepts to child welfare egregious incident reviews requires a mind shift and their support and patience throughout this process was really amazing.

I am looking forward to working with you. For years, people have spoken of the need to change the culture of our child welfare agency, but offered no tangible construct for doing so.   In my view, safety science offers that construct and provides the organizational component to work in concert with family engagement practice and trauma-informed care.

I really appreciate, of course, the new view and the move away from blame, looking for a scapegoat, etc. This approach seems to create the safe environment "we" want where workers can make the tough decisions (when necessary) with higher levels of confidence and support.  Scott and Noel, too, created a very safe environment for us to learn and I very much appreciated that.

The trainers were experts in the field and presented what could be very challenging information using principles of adult learning. The trainers provided information and then examples that directly related to the concepts presented.  Their sense of humor made this training very enjoyable and their patience with the participants in "bringing them along" was such a role model for all of us in the training world.

I really like the philosophy/culture shift of safety science. I also liked learning about the theory behind safety science.  My impression before the training was that it would be really boring and technical, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the human and humane basis of everything taught.

Fun and engaging. Thought both Scott and Noel's real world experience was nice to hear and validate that other are going through what we're going through.

The two instructors were pretty amazing. I enjoyed both days but specifically the critical incident process.

Must see movie of the summer. If you attend just one executive leadership training session this summer this is the one to attend.

I like the positive message, and the positive change that this training is intending to create. It’s a testament that you've been listening to feedback from the frontline staff and are trying to implement changes based on that feedback.

Loved the training. It was very useful and I am hopeful for the future with our agency.  It fits perfectly with social work...how we do what we do.  It is sad (and sadistic) that we have historically treated ourselves so poorly during time of trauma and crisis.  Thank you for helping provide a new perspective (New View).

I enjoyed the effort our presenters gave to encourage leaders to be more vulnerable, meaning they look at employees' problems as their own in that everyone is involved in the same system influencing everyone's behavior.

I enjoyed the way you all presented the information. It was easy to follow and I could tell how passionate you are on the subject.

I like the idea of changing the approach and the narrative involved with high profile and child death cases. This training fills a gap that has long existed in the world of child welfare.

Presenters were very engaging, practical and positive. I like that we appear to be looking at the impact of how to positively change our practice while looking at the impact this work can have on our staff and being more supportive in this process.

I enjoyed the conversation and back and forth between Scott and Noel. It never felt like we were being lectured out more like a large group discussion.

Scott and Noel are very engaging. It was worth the time spent!

I appreciated the emphasis on using individual problems as learning opportunities in order to identify areas for system-wide improvement.